Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in Geological Formations 

Geologic carbon sequestration is the process of storing carbon dioxide (CO2) in deep formations. The CO2 is usually pressurized until it becomes a liquid, and then it is injected into porous rock formations in suitable geologic formations. Once CO2 is pumped to suitable vertical depths , it achieves supercritical stage due to earth’s normal pressure and temperature gradients. In the supercritical state, CO2 is highly compressed but it still flows like a gas, making it easy to sweep through the porous formations efficiently displacing formation fluids.
A properly sequestrated CO2 volume could stay underground for tens of thousands of years similar to Oil and Gas deposits which have always stayed in place until they are geologically disturbed. The figure below describes high level CCS stages. 
Oxford Well Engineering (OWE) brings multi-disciplinary approach to CCS projects. Through liaison, OWE has put together a team of highly experienced Well Engineers, Completions Engineers, Petroleum Engineers and Flow Assurance experts who have extensive experience in their respective domains. Most of our experts have over 20 years of global experience and have been involved in delivering complex projects. 
Our typical CO2 geological sequestration workflow & deliverables involve three interconnected stages which could be summarized as follow:

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