RT-Drilling Optimization Centre (RT-DOC)

RT-Drilling Optimization Centre (RT-DOC)

Oxford Well Engineering Limited (OWE) understands that most of the challenging wells are planned/designed with a lot of effort, but it would be a costly mistake to leave real-time drilling optimization & real-time adjustments/corrections out of the loop when it comes to delivering the well. Our RT-DOC service is built on 19+ Years of relevant Real-Time Optimization experience, working in various operators offices. We know Real-Time Drilling Optimization inside out, and if engaged, we could directly contribute to well cost reduction. Just one timely intervention from our OWE experienced team, could pay for its service for the whole well. 

We could help you setup a real-time drilling centre that is fully customized to your needs and working just for you. In fact, we are so confident about our deliverables that we could offer your team a pilot (one well) at a discounted price to demonstrate the concept. 

Why Real-Time Drilling Optimization (RT-DOC):

  1. Serves as a technical magnifying glass, catching & correcting issues in time.
  2. Allows for smooth integration of field & town drilling experiences.
  3. Combines solid well engineering with modern data analysis techniques.
  4. Visibility of critical vendor performance.
  5. Optimizes well execution using calibrated predictive models.
  6. Always impartial & transparent reporting.
  7. Allow for informed decisions based on solid engineering analysis.
  8. Delivers cost-effective wells, through active collaboration.

Why OWE’s RT-DOC is a right choice:

  1. Unbiased, highly-customized & vendor-neutral analysis.
  2. You will achieve what major operators achieve with their in-house RT-Optimization Centres.
  3. Top UK-based Drilling Optimization Experts.
  4. Utilization of RT data to its maximum value, using modern data technologies.
  5. OWE offers flexibility & as-required customization.

Possible RT-DOC Operational Models:

  1. Daily Drilling Optimization Analysis, covering previous 24hrs.
  2. Offset Drilling Data Analysis: Recreate wells for future well design optimizations.
  3. 24/7 Real-time Drilling Data Trend Analysis. Reduce mud-logging crew.
  4. Full Scale 24/7 Real-time Data Analysis & Drilling Optimization. Full Coverage.
  5. As #4 above, but also includes training for clients to take over RT operations.

High Level Real-Time Drilling Optimization Centre Workflow:

Value Added:

  • Assuming a typical fine tuned RTOC, drilling costs are expected to be reduced by 5%-8%. 
  • An effective RTOC is essential if you want to achieve a 360º (Full Circle) coverage for the well cost optimization. 
  • Flexibility to engage RT-DOC just for one well or for challenging sections only.
  • For most offshore wells, it only costs < 0.5% while achieving extensive cost benefits. It pays for itself everytime.
  • Drives up well safety and integrity which could reduce well insurance costs.
  • RT-DOC could replace or reduce Mud-Logging crew for non-critical (top) sections.

If you would like to learn more about how we could help, give us a call at our mobile 44+(0)7733994426 or at our Chiswick Office 44+(0)208 899 7460. Alternatively, contact us via email: naim@oxfordwellengineering.com.

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