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Our team utilises independent subject matter experts from various domains to ensure that we deliver a step-change, every single time we are engaged.  All of our Drilling Consultants are personally known to us and we share a common vision of innovation and thinking out of the box as a default. 

Naim Saddiq (Managing Director)

Mr. Naim Saddiq is an independent Well Engineering/Drilling professional with over 21 years of combined USA offshore and UK office-based diversified experience. He carries a wealth of varied experience working in both service companies and in-house Drilling Engineering roles with various operators. He has worked hands-on with a variety of drilling engineering projects and performed seamlessly in multi-disciplinary teams. Naim Saddiq founded Oxford Well Engineering (OWE) Limited in 2018 with an aim to bring the highly customized, innovative drilling solutions to deal with today’s oilfield challenges. OWE believes in hand-in-hand team collaboration with all stakeholders and we always blend

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Neal Jones MSc (Business Development Manager)

Neal holds MSc in Petroleum Geology & Geophysics from University of Greenwich, London. He has accumulated over 25 years experience within the energy industry including high profile roles in Oil & Gas exploration, advisory (M&A), multiclient, licensing rounds, telecommunications and renewables. He has extensive international knowledge having worked on projects globally including packaging and promotion of high value farm out/in asset data to some of the worlds largest oil companies. Neal loves all things geology, embracing new technology and the energy transition drive which he sees as a natural progression and an opportunity to apply existing oil and gas

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David Whale (SME for Offshore/Subsea/Onshore P&A):

David Whales has over 20 years experience as a Senior Drilling Engineer with several oil majors and large service companies. Much of his experience has been with the more technically challenging operations, including; underbalanced drilling, through tubing drilling and high temperature high pressure drilling. In the past few year David has added abandonment operations to his portfolio of skills while working on the decommissioning of the UK’s Heather and Thistle platforms. More recently, he has been focused on the testing of alternative abandonment technologies in the low-cost land environment.  This experience has given him a good understanding of not

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Christian Schütze (MSc. Petroleum Engineering)

Christian Schütze runs Switzerland based “Generteq” and collaborates deeply with OWE on a regular basis. He holds a Masters Degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Leoben, Austria. He has over 15 years of managerial and technical experience with a hands-on approach and a constant career progression at leading global oil & gas companies. Christian is highly analytical with a track record of developing cohesive strategies to address complex situations and deliver results. Commercially adept and eager to find the right solutions to meet project needs and create maximum value. He has a strong focus on HSE in

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Anthony Mbata MSc. Data Science (RT-DOC Services Partner)

Managing Director of PetroPrompt Integrated Services, serving a variety of UK customers. An experienced and highly motivated Data Analyst / Drilling Optimization Engineer who has a balanced approach, enjoy challenges and gets good results. With over 13 years combined technical and management experience from a variety of areas in Well Engineering, Geosciences, Business Data Analysis, Data Management and Project Management covering oil and gas, financial institutions and academia. Performed engineering model design, well planning, drilling optimization, monitoring, and successfully delivered HPHT and ERD drilling and completions projects. Managed data analytics projects to successful deployment into production and delivered business solution

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