Directional Well Planning and Optimizations

Oxford Well Engineering Limited (OWE) offers specialist-level directional well planning and optimization services. Our expertise comes from over 20 years of working extensively with various UK operators for their directional well planning needs. With our solid expertise, we could help you explore various options to improve on status quo and consolidate well designs to deliver true success.

The following list highlights some of our core areas of expertise, we encourage you to get in touch with us and learn more about possibilities and potential new solutions:

Directional Well Plan Optimization:

  • Drill a fit for purpose well trajectory to match with the well objectives, delivering a cost-effective well.
  • Drill from correct surface locations to make wells shortest, cheapest and the easiest to drill.
  • Place Wells in prized subsurface locations with extensive iterative & collaborative well planning sessions to ensure that the plan meets/exceeds your production targets.
  • Include Wellbore Stability (WBS) model into well plans to avoid issues while drilling & completing wells.
  • Ensure drill-ability via calibrated detailed design checks against existing technical limits & your local drilling experience.
  • Ensure contingencies are built into plan for potential sidetracks, allowance for build-up rate issues etc.
  • Investigate issues with directional tools or services through Actual Vs Planned Comparisons. Identify room for improvements with operating parameters or if plan needs to be adjusted.
  • Field-based bulk well planning using DecisionSpace™ or Compass™, optimizing all planned well surface locations and target assignments.
  • Correct Selection of Directional Drilling Tools & Services to match with the well specific directional requirements yielding Significant Cost Savings.

Collision Avoidance (Anti-collision) Analysis:

  • Independent anti-collision analysis for both pre-drill and while-drilling phases, directly contributing to well safety.
  • Walk through potential (What-If) anti-collision scenarios & possibilities etc. Build contingencies and risk mitigations in the pre-drill phase.
  • Multi-Slot Offshore/Onshore drilling-pad planning, including top-hole Anti-Collision (AC) optimization for all wells.
  • Perform QA/QC of directional company’s work to create another safety layer.
  • Develop Offset Well Trajectory Database, perform a detailed QA/QC to ensure that critical anti-collision calculations are valid & no anti-collision surprises while drilling.

Misc. Well Planning:

  • Relief Well Planning, identifying potential surface locations for relief wells.
  • Twining an existing well, keeping safe distance from the offset well.
  • Well Trajectory Checks (i.e. a Peer Review) to explore opportunities to bring down costs or to improve on designs.
  • Target Sizing and Positional Uncertainty Analysis.
  • Multi-lateral well planning.

Are you interested to learn more?

Feel free to give us a call at our mobile 44+(0)7733994426 or at our Chiswick Office  44+(0)208 899 7460. Alternatively, contact us via email:

Oxford Well Engineering Limited

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