Well Plugging and Abandonment (P&A)

  1. Eliminate maintenance costs by permanently sealing off, uneconomical or unsafe wells.
  2. Meet regulatory obligations to retire wells at the end of their lives as per furnished guidelines.
  3. Reduce liabilities in general and asset retirement obligation (ARO).
  4. Avoid serious HSE issues and related expensive liabilities if well integrity situation deteriorates and gets out of hands.

If wells are not plugged & abandoned (P&A) correctly, depending upon nature and type of well, there could be significant repercussions such as a major HSE event, where hydrocarbons could leak & flow uncontrollably to surface and start to pollute environment. Re-doing P&A is an extremely expensive exercise and should be avoided at all costs. It is critical to ensure that all P&As are done right, the very first time, using the right people.

OWE’s P&A Philosophy & Approach: OWE’s philosophy is to design & execute well Plugging and Abandonment (P&A) operations in such a way that nothing is left to chance, not even the unexpected. As a part of our detailed risk assessment, we cover a variety of what-if (possible) scenarios and always build contingencies to stay on top of well integrity & safety.

As a first step, using our specialist data analysis skills, OWE analyzes the candidate wells and churns out, mission critical information pieces before exploring possible P&A design options. OWE works diligently towards designs, which are highly-customized and fit-for-purpose thus our designs tend to be highly cost-effective when it comes to execution.

As a part of our execution procedures, we always verify barriers are correctly placed & all reservoirs are permanently sealed-off before moving on to next steps in line.

OWE’s P&A analytics is a powerful cost-saving tool. Our RT analytics provides solid benchmarking opportunities & it allows us to achieve a step-change improvement every time we are engaged. OWE’s specialist data analytics provides, a clear record of P&A operations at every step of the execution phase. Due to OWE’s style of work, operators can easily walk back through the P&A timeline, whenever it is required to revisit their P&A operations.

In order to ensure that all applicable cost-saving opportunities are fully explored, OWE P&A designs formally go through Assess, Select, Define (P&A Program) & Execute phases to ensure P&A is systematically optimized at every step including the execution phase.

OWE P&A experienced team covers all aspects of P&A project stages from initial concept to full-blown field execution. OWE follows a detailed approach to P&A but it could be summarized into a high-level roadmap as per snapshot below:

OWE’s P&A Team:

OWE P&A service is offered through our top-notch wells professionals with extensive UK & global P&A experience covering Subsea, Offshore and Onshore wells. Our P&A experts have a track record of delivering P&A from concept to execution for a variety of well types and well challenges. Our P&A team is deeply passionate about delivering highly-customized, cost-effective P&A solutions even for the most-challenging wells.

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