Well Engineering & Drilling Designs

Oxford Well Engineering Limited (OWE) offers a wide range of specialist Engineering Services aimed at increasing efficiency through the optimization of well designs and operating procedures and by reducing complexity and drilling risks.

Some of our deliverables are listed below:

  • Provide full range of Drilling Engineering Services for Assess, Select, Define & Execute phases (Gates), covering all well deliverables such as: Time & Costs (AFE), Basis for Well Design, Risks Analysis, Drilling Programs etc.
  • Perform Specialist Well Engineering Modelling for complex wells or challenging sections.
  • Review & optimize existing Well Designs & Procedures, explore opportunities to save on well costs through better designs.
  • Build finely-calibrated well engineering models, which could help make technically sound decisions quickly on the rig.
  • Build detailed Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) Well Engineering Designs.
  • Prepare Detailed Section Guidelines for challenging sections, highlighting technical limits, lesson learned incorporation & optimal practices etc. to stay on course.
  • Detailed Tubular & Casing Designs with StressCheck™& WellCAT™.
  • Review NPT events in the light of Well Engineering to avoid a repeat.
  • Optimize zonal isolation via correct string centralization, designing fit for purpose cement slurries & pumping schedules.
  • Analysis & Selection of modern Drilling Technologies such as Managed-Pressure-Drilling (MPD), Casing-while-Drilling (CwD), Rotary Steerable Systems (RSS), Underreamers etc.
  • Technically Evaluate & Rank Drilling/Wells Service Tenders.
  • Provide Drilling/Wells Team with hands-on Well Engineering Training using EDM Suit™ applications such as StressCheck™, Compass™ &  WellPlan™.
  • Well Engineering Software Testing & Validation, calibration of software with actual data sets, we could perform detailed comparison against global software to help identify room for improvements.
  • Perform Risk-Based (What-IF scenarios) Well Engineering Modelling to validate the final well design.
  • Casing Wear Predictive Analysis for Drilling and Workover Operations. Casing Wear Mitigation Planning via manipulation of stand off devices, drilling parameters and/or adjustment of well trajectory.

Are you interested to learn more?

Feel free to give us a call at our mobile 44+(0)7733994426 or at our Chiswick Office  44+(0)208 899 7460. Alternatively, contact us via email: naim@oxfordwellengineering.com.

Oxford Well Engineering Limited 

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