Drilling Project Management

Naim Saddiq (Managing Director)

Mr. Naim Saddiq is an independent Well Engineering/Drilling professional with over 21 years of combined USA offshore and UK office-based diversified experience. He carries a wealth of varied experience working in both service companies and in-house Drilling Engineering roles with various operators. He has worked hands-on with a variety of drilling engineering projects and performed seamlessly in multi-disciplinary teams. Naim Saddiq founded Oxford Well Engineering (OWE) Limited in 2018 with an aim to bring the highly customized, innovative drilling solutions to deal with today’s oilfield challenges. OWE believes in hand-in-hand team collaboration with all stakeholders and we always blend in our specialist drilling expertise with the local experience to ensure success.

Professional Experience: 

Managing Director : Oxford Well Engineering Limited (2.5+ Years)
Office #164, Building 3 Chiswick Park
566 Chiswick High Street, London, W4 5YA,
United Kingdom.

Specialist Well Engineering & Drilling Optimization Services in the following 5 core areas:

  1. Directional Well Planning and Optimizations.
  2. Well Engineering Designs & Drilling Simulations.
  3. Drilling Project Management.
  4. Real-time Drilling Optimizations.
  5. Integrated Well Data Analysis.

Senior Drilling Engineer (Aug 2016 to Oct 2019)/3 Years +3 Months
Provided Well Engineering Services to Sasol Exploration and Production Inc.
8th floor, 4 Kingdom St, Paddington, London W2 6BD

  • Lead Drilling Engineer for a number of (Mozambique/South Africa) onshore wells, matured well concepts through Assess / Select/ Define Gates.
  • Successfully implemented cost reduction methodologies & explored newer drilling technologies to keep improving performance envelope through every stage of the project.
  • Performed unique real-time MWD/LWD/Surface data analysis while-drilling to save on well costs, improved on drilling efficiencies and helped catch anomalies in drilling trends.
  • Power user of EDM Landmark (Well Engineering) Apps: WellPlan™, WellCAT™, StressCheck™, Compass™, DecisionSpace™, Casing Seat™, Cementing™, Underbalanced Drilling™ (MPD) Hydraulics Modelling & Well Control™.

Senior Drilling Engineer (Apr 2013 to Jan 2018) / 4.5Years
Halliburton House, Howe Moss Crescent, Dyce, Aberdeen, AB21 0GN (UK)

  • Worked in-house Shell (Aberdeen-UK) as a Drilling Engineer, supported Shell’s Optimization Centre with solution-oriented well engineering models and trend analysis. Performed detailed engineering modelling for Shell’s Shearwater Ultra-ERD wells.
  • Worked in-house at BG (Reading-UK) as a Real-Time Drilling Optimization Engineer. Performed Real-time drilling trend analysis with calibrated well engineering models to identify and improve drilling performance.
  • Worked in-house at GDF Suez (Aberdeen-UK) as a Real-Time Drilling Optimization Engineering. Performed Real-time drilling trend analysis with calibrated well engineering models to identify and improve drilling performance.
  • Worked in-house at Tullow Oil (Chiswick / London) on short assignments as a Collaborative Directional Well Planning Engineer. Liaised with subsurface and drilling teams and optimized asset development using DecisionSpace™ for bulk well planning in a 3D visualization environment.

Senior Drilling Applications Engineer (Oct 2007 to Mar 2013/5.5 Years)
Baker Hughes Incorporated, Dyce/Aberdeen, United Kingdom

  • While working at BHI, assigned to various operators such as Maersk, ADTI, BP, Fairfield Energy, E-ON, ATP and Providence, provided support for various Drilling Engineering/ Directional Well Planning projects.
  • Special expertise in directional well planning and anti-collision analysis using COMPASS™ and WellArchitect™. Prepared cluster wells directional plans and optimized trajectories to fit anti-collision (AC) safety factors. Expertise in travelling cylinder anti-collision analysis.
  • Provided anti-collision monitoring for critical wells while drilling using field survey data.
  • Expertise with drilling Torque and Drag and Hydraulics modelling using BHI’s ADVANTAGE™ drilling engineering software.
  • Performed Drilling BHA Design and Optimization via BHASysPro™ simulations.
  • Worked extensively with LWD VSS and CoPilot (Drilling Optimization Sub) data sets.
  • Performed real-time and post well data analysis (WellCAD/CASE plots) to capture crucial lessons and good drilling practices.
  • Designed tailored BHAs for BP Clair field which significantly reduced vibration & stick slip related LWD BHA failures. This saved millions in costs as the expensive BHA trips/tool failures were reduced through better designs.

Senior Measurement-While-Drilling (LWD) Engineer (June 2001-June 2007/ 6 Years)
Baker Hughes INTEQ – Broussard, Louisiana 70518, The United States of America

  • Lead MWD/LWD/Drilling Optimization Engineer for RSS (AutoTrak), Acoustic, Nuclear Tools, CoPilot™ and ECD Pressure tool.
  • Worked extensively offshore (20+ days a month) on different types of US rigs, delivered excellent services in harsh environments.
  • Performed real-time pore pressure evaluation using PREDICT™.
  • Special expertise with VSS drilling data analysis and vibration mitigation.

Senior Unit Supervisor-Surface Data Logging Engineer (Jan 2001-June 2001/6 months)

Sperry-Sun (Halliburton) Drilling Services– Broussard, Louisiana / USA

  • Real-time drilling parameter monitoring
  • Drilling gas analysis and characterization.
  • Cuttings and lithology interpretation, monitoring well control parameters while drilling.
  • Onsite real-time data acquisition system rig up and installation.